Who we support

Every company has good years and bad years.  For Longitude 174 Limited, 2014 and 2015 were good years and the company was able to sponsor the wonderfully talented Robert Orr, Principal Oboist at the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  Our clients enjoyed some amazing concerts, but the highlight of each year was a private performance from Robert in the illustrious surrounds of the Wellington Club.

Unfortunately 2016 was not such a good year.  It started slowly, not helped by Alison taking 3 months out to complete a short piece of research at Oxford University at the end of 2015.  It soon became obvious that one of our major clients was struggling to pay our invoices. Thankfully Longitude 174 was able to weather the storm, and now, we are back on our feet.

Bluster Murphy

Thus, it is that Bluster-Murphy seemed the ideal candidate for our support this year.  Bluster-Murphy has also had a difficult time.  A vicious attack left him requiring emergency surgery and his life was saved by a visiting professor of medicine.  He is now fully back on his own two feet (minus a few toes, though).

The Kākāpō Recovery team do a fantastic job in keeping these precious characters alive, and it has been our pleasure to donate to Bluster-Murphy’s ongoing welfare through the adoption programme. The Department of Conservation photo below is provided with the kind permission of the Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

Bluster Murphyhttp://kakaporecovery.org.nz/adoptable-kakapo/bluster/

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