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Alison Holt

Alison Holt

In 2009, Alison had a vision to create a strategic planning business, empowering clients to leverage the value of technology and data.  Longitude 174 was born.  Since then, Alison has been working with her associates to deliver advice and services across the globe.

Alison is an internationally acclaimed expert in the governance of information technology and data.  She has had experience as a director, a trustee, a general manager, a research fellow, and as a virtual CIO for multiple organisations, working in advisory and governance roles fuelled by her penchant for innovation, and her wide-ranging business expertise.  She is a Fellow of both the Institute of IT Professionals in New Zealand and the British Computer Society in the United Kingdom. She is a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered IT Professional.

Alison is a good facilitator and communicator and is frequently asked to guide the development of strategy and to present here and overseas. Her first book (The Governance of IT) was published by the British Computer Society in September 2013, and the sequel (The Governance of Data) was published in May 2021.

Alison has worked with large multinational groups using a consensus led process to develop strategy, standards, policies and guidelines.  She chaired the standards group in 2008 that published the first international standard for the Governance of Information Technology and she has developed the first two parts of the 38505 series of international standards for the Governance of Data, published in 2017 and 2018.

Alison has been invited to sit on the IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee.

Longitude 174 Associates

Alison works alongside a network of Longitude 174 Associates with expertise in a range of fields and sectors.