Alison Holt

In 2009, Alison had a vision to create a strategic planning business, empowering clients to leverage the value of technology and data.  Longitude 174 was born.  Apart from taking a few months away in 2015 to carry out research as an Academic Visitor at the Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, Alison has been working with her associates to deliver advice and services across the globe.

Alison is an internationally acclaimed expert in the governance of information technology and data.  She has had experience as a director, a trustee, a general manager, a research fellow, and as a virtual CIO for multiple organisations, working in advisory and governance roles fuelled by her penchant for innovation, and her wide-ranging business expertise.  She is a Fellow of both the Institute of IT Professionals in New Zealand and the British Computer Society in the United Kingdom, a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered IT Professional.

Alison is a good facilitator and communicator, and is frequently asked to guide the development of strategy and to present here and overseas. Her first book (The Governance of IT) was published by the British Computer Society in September 2013, and she is now working on the sequel, The Governance of Data.

Alison has worked with large multinational groups using a consensus led process to develop strategy, standards, policies and guidelines.  She chaired the standards group in 2008 that published the first international standard for the Governance of Information Technology, and is now developing the 38505 series of international standards for the Governance of Data.

David Moodie of Makegood Product Design

Makegood is an industrial design and product development consultancy based in New Zealand. Makegood specializes in designing hardware for manufacture, taking your idea from the sketchpad right through to the finished product on display in the retail store.

Makegood has developed a vast array of products for our clients – from metal housings for musical equipment to injection moulded plastic components in sporting gear. They have even designed and delivered high-tech carbon fibre parts for an award winning drone company. David says that, “While their focus is normally on mass production they also have plenty of experience designing and making prototypes using 3D printing, rapid tooling and digital fabrication. This allows clients to test and validate their product before committing to manufacture – an approach that has become increasingly common with the rise of crowd funding sites like Kickstarter.”

If you have a hardware idea that you would like to take to manufacture – Makegood is here to make that happen.

Gary Orr of Gary Orr Design

Gary is an interior designer working across New Zealand and Australia and he is based in Melbourne. Gary works with clients to achieve a harmonious balance for their Interior Spaces, whether these be commercial or residential. He draws on his experience from working in human behaviour and dynamics over many years to understand how we function in the spaces that we occupy. He can provide a seamless service from Concept Development, using 3-D modelling and visualisations, through to bringing a space to life, working alongside builders and architects to realise the practical emergence of a concept.

In his spare time, Gary works with charitable organisations promoting health and wellbeing.

Tom Reidy – Head of Social Media and Digital Innovation, TAG The Agency, Editor and Chief at Social Media NZ

Innovative thinking and cultivating the freedom of a brand to adapt and move with the fast-paced, ever-changing world of modern marketing and advertising, is fundamental to how Tom operates. “No longer can we rely on interrupting consumers with advertising and marketing messages! Now, it is about inspiring them to act upon stories told through digital cannels. Brands aren’t people, so it’s not about content, but all about the story.”

Rohan Light, Associate at Victoria University of Wellington Professional and Executive Development, Chair of the SAS Users of New Zealand

Rohan works on the management side of data and technology.  He consults with organizations on risk, change investment and innovation strategy, and teaches the Strategic Thinking for Government short course at Victoria University.

He has been building service organisations since 1996 and is familiar with a wide range of management doctrines. His current focus is on mitigating big data privacy risk through management controls.

His specialist area is the decision behaviour of groups. He has organized his business practice as a management lab to identify measurable decision support tools. He holds an Ovum Enterprise Knowledge Center License and is a member of the American Productivity and Quality Centre.

Rohan writes the ‘Enterprising Analytics’ contributor blog for, which is about being creative, resourceful and adventurous with decision making to achieve business objectives.

Tessa Baty, Tessa Baty Design

Tessa Baty is a graphic designer based in New Zealand. She works with passion and creativity for a range of clients from architects to museums to not-for-profit organisations – and all sorts in between! Her services include design for branding, advertising, corporate collateral, online identities, spatial environments including wayfinding and exhibitions, packaging and publications. Whatever the medium, Tessa loves applying design concept, strategy, and craft to communicate effectively to the client’s market – with clarity, vibrancy and personality.

Rob England, Two Hills

Rob England B.Sc., MIITP, CITP is an independent IT management consultant, trainer, and commentator based in Wellington, New Zealand. Rob is an internationally-recognised thought leader in DevOps and IT Service Management (ITSM) and a published author of seven books and many articles. He is best known for his controversial blog and alter-ego, the IT Skeptic. He speaks regularly at international conferences.

Dr. Vu Anh Dao, Two Hills

Vu Anh Dao (Cherry Vu) is our senior researcher and consultant.

Dr. Cherry Vu is an expert on training leaders; and an experienced consultant to government and business on organisational change, change management, and culture change. She has worked and studied in New Zealand, Germany, and Vietnam.

She has a demonstrated history of helping business and public sector organisations develop their change management capabilities through an in-depth knowledge of change intervention approaches. She employs a functional structure to talk about change and helps clients to move through change. Cherry applies the most practical skills and instruments to optimise their change outcomes with a goal of arming leaders, practitioners, and change agents.

Carol Stevenson

Based in New Zealand, Carol understands the concept of curation through over 15 years working in museums and art galleries in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  This is teamed with a background in database design and management.  It is this combination that enables Carol to use creative solutions to bring data together to tell stories, solve problems and provide insights.

Colin Matcham

Colin is a full stack developer with over twenty years’ experience in commercial software development. He holds ICAgile qualifications in the Delivery Management and Engineering tracks, and has a passion for delivering quality systems that serve you and your needs in an efficient way. He enjoys staying abreast with the latest technology trends, and can deliver through the web, mobile applications, and desktop software depending on what will provide the best outcome.

Dame Diane Robertson

Dame Diane is a successful social sector entrepreneur, giving her a unique combination of strong business and financial skills with strong social sector credentials.

Diane is the Chair of the New Zealand Behavioural Insights group (Nudge Unit) and the Inaugural Chair of the Data Futures Partnership.

The Partnership lead a nationwide engagement campaign with thousands of New Zealanders to examine the conditions for social licence of data use in New Zealand; explored the barriers to data use through research and projects; and identified potential solutions from innovations to strengthen the data system.

Diane is a former City Missioner at the Auckland City Mission. She designed the Family 100 Research project and was responsible for the collation and analysis of data gathered from the participants. This has become one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on families living in poverty.

Working with Statistics New Zealand, Diane led a project to add Auckland City Mission data to the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). 

Her passion is to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders through the development of sound policies informed by qualitative and quantitative data.

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